Art That sparkles

Vibrant art that shines on canvas, leggings, and yoga mats, adding sparkle to your everyday. 

Hey there! I'm Camille Enkeboll, a cool chick from Los Angeles currently living in Sarasota, Florida. I'm all about spreading good vibes with my art, whether it's on canvas or lifestyle products and clothes. I love bringing brightness and positivity into people's lives, including my own. I put a lot of heart into my pieces, doing plenty of research to make sure they're meaningful. After all, why not surround ourselves with positive messages and colorful art all the time.


Colorful pop art and mixed media pieces, spreading good vibes and energy.

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Unique and original leggings designed to be flattering and fun.

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Ultra-light all-in-one yoga mat/towel created to energize and elevate your practice.

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